Armasa. From the knowledge and mastery of the past with more than 40 years of family experience to designs that catch the future ...


We transform our works, which we have prepared with great effort and care, into art with love and passion. Our brand, which brings the free spirit of nature and the rich world of the universe to craft and design; waiting to accompany your elegance with its bold and creative ideas.


Our story, which started in Istanbul Grand Bazaar, continues to develop with our growing workshops and increasing stores. Our products that we offer for sale in our stores and deliver to many parts of the world; now in the presence of you with our website.


Our designs are realized with high quality materials and completely handcrafted. Every piece of our brand that shines precious stones with imagination; it is subjected to a special production process by being processed with the labor of skilled hands. Every work in our valuable collection of unique pieces consists of guaranteed and registered designs.


Our designs that you can use both daily and on special occasions; it aims to arouse pleasant emotions by appealing to your soul and eye aesthetics. Reveal your original sparkles with our eye-catching and stylish designs.


Meet Armasa and join a new tale in our magical world, as part of our family.